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  • The Washington University Diabetes Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, directed by Garry Tobin, M.D.,  is an innovative resource for people with diabetes. Patients seen in the Diabetes Center will receive highly coordinated, comprehensive care provided by Washington University endocrinologists, specially trained nurses and a host of Barnes-Jewish diabetic educators and nutritionists. The Diabetes Center is located on the 13th floor of the Center for Advanced Medicine.

    For An Appointment, Call: (314) 747-7300 / (877) 396-1052

    CAM building

    This number is staffed 24 hours by referral specialists who can help:

    Facilitate patient transfers
    Coordinate Emergency and Trauma Center access
    Schedule patient appointments, call between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
    Arrange phone consults
    Seek Continuing Medical Education information

    The following clinicians see patients at the Diabetes Center:

    Kim A. Carmichael, M.D. F.A.C.P.
    Janet B. McGill, M.D., M.A., F.A.C.E.
    Julie M. Silverstein, M.D.
    Clay F. Semenkovich, M.D.
    Garry S. Tobin, M.D.

  • The Medicine Multispecialty Center is located on the fifth floor, Suites B and C in the Center for Advanced Medicine at the corners of Forest Park and Euclid Avenues. For An Appointment, Call: (314) 362-7601 or 1-800-858-3541.

    The following clinicians see patients at the Medicine Multispecialty Center:

    Thomas J. Baranski, M.D, Ph.D.
    William E. Clutter, M.D.
    Richard E. Ostlund, Jr., M.D.
    Anne C. Goldberg, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.H.A.

  • The Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Heart & Vascular Center in West County provides a wide spectrum of outpatient cardiology services in a convenient setting. From prevention to diagnosis to rehabilitation, the Heart & Vascular Center has the technology, staff and expertise patients need for a total approach to heart care.

    The following clinician sees patients at the Washington University Complete Care:

    Marina Litvin, M.D.

    West County Clinic Location
    Medical Office Building #3
    1020 N. Mason Road
    Suite 100
    St. Louis, MO 63141
    For Appointments: (314) 996-8103 or (800) 858-3541

  • Center for Advanced Medicine


    The Diabetes Center and the Medicine Multispecialty Center are located in the Center for Advanced Medicine building, where more than 750 Washington University physicians and surgeons provide multidisciplinary care. Also located in the Center for Advanced Medicine is the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center. The Center for Advanced Medicine is located at Forest Park and Euclid Avenues. (see map)

    Here you will find Barnes-Jewish Hospital’s newest X-ray and other imaging technology, and a host of additional diagnostic and support services.

    Check for the location of your physician’s office before you go:

    Directory of physicians’ offices at the Center for Advanced Medicine